Property Manager

Angel having graduated overseas, initially started off her career as a ‘Personal Assistant’ for an American based Company and then moved on to work for yet another multi-national company prior to going over to Thailand where she worked as a  Marketing Executive for several years. 

After barely  settling  the family home business in Australia, she  joined the Government Sectors to further pursue her  career. Having worked in finance and marketing, she  has an all round approach to getting the best possible results.   Angel with over 25 years of experience in various sectors has undergone extensive training to allow her stay ahead of the pack and has racked up some very impressive accomplishments along the way.  

Angel’s enthusiastic approach to assisting people with their real estate needs & her ever growing knowledge and experience soon worked her way up to the ranks. A strong eye for detail, reliable, straight forward communication, is upfront & open and delivering what has been promised is important to her. Angel enjoys leading a dynamic team in a busy office. She believes success comes from listening rather than talking. Honesty  & integrity is her name of the game!

Email : [email protected]