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How To Get To Hervey Bay

Arrival By Plane:

QANTAS and Virgin Blue fly to Hervey Bay from Sydney and Sunshine Express from Brisbane.  Air services to Fraser Island are via Air Fraser Island from Hervey Bay and Maryborough to airstrips on the island or beach landings. Lady Elliot provides direct flights from Hervey Bay to Lady Elliot Island. Hervey Bay Airport, off Booral road, Urangan.

Arrival By Train:

To reach Hervey Bay from Brisbane by Rail, take the Tilt Train to Maryborough West, from where there is a connecting Trainlink bus to Hervey Bay Bus Terminal (Bay Central), stopping only at Maryborough on the way.  The journey by train to Maryborough West takes 3½ hours and the bus ride from Maryborough West station to Bay Central takes 45 minutes.

Arrival By Bus:

Many buses operate from Brisbane to Hervey Bay.  All Services, both long-distance buses and Tranlink, arrive at the Bay Central Bus Terminal.  This is quite a long walk from the centre of Hervey Bay, which is in the area known as Torquay.

Arrival By Car:

Hervey Bay will take just under three hours from central Brisbane by Road.  Most of the journey is along the Bruce Highway.