Information for Tenants



When you rent a home in NSW and become a 'renter' or a 'tenant', knowing your rights and responsibilities will help you avoid or resolve differences you may have with your landlord, real estate agent, house-mates or neighbours.

Here are a few tips to help you decide which property would best suit your needs & take some stress out of the experience.

  1. Do your research - make sure the location you rent in has good proximity to amenities, facilities and transport options.

  2. Spend a bit of time when inspecting properties to check such things as street noise, water pressure, aspect, heating methods etc.

  3. Note any faults or problems. Pay attention to the condition of carpets and soft furnishings, cabinetry etc. If you do spot something wrong, make your property manager aware of these faults in writing ASAP.

  4. Contact your property manager if there are problems. If cracks appear in the ceiling, the dishwasher stops working or if you start to notice unpleasant odours, please let us know so we can make plans to rectify the problem.

Please click here for the New Tenant Checklist which details what you should know before signing a lease.


Department of Fair Trading Information for Tenants & Landlords

Relevant information for your knowledge about your tenancy includes:

Bond Refunds                                

Breaking a Lease

Safety & Security                            

Water Usage Bills

During a Tenancy                           

Privacy when Renting

Ending a Tenancy                            


Rent Increase                                 

Tenancy Agreement

Domestic Violence                           

Non Payment of Rent