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The Raine & Horne Ampersand

The origin of the Ampersand

Meaning ‘and’, the cursive Ampersand we know today dates back to the 1st century A.D, it has been discovered as graffiti in Pompeii, preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD. Writing the word this way saves the writer time, with one letter flowing seamlessly into the next – a form of cursive or joined-up writing. 

Use of the Ampersand

The Ampersand is called upon to aid in the joining together of multiple visions, ideas and people. It is a common way for businesses to form a fitting name and identity, these include Johnson & Johnson, Raine & Horne and Tiffany & Co, as well as abbreviations containing words such as R&B (rhythm and blues), B&B (bed and breakfast), and P&L (profit and loss).

What the Ampersand means for our brand

A cornerstone of our name and brand, the Ampersand was employed back in 1883 to bring together the names of our founders Tom Raine and Joseph Horne. Since then, the Ampersand has remained a core element of our Raine & Horne identity. The symbol represents the coming together of our diverse customer base and the many individuals that make up our strong and united network. The Raine & Horne Ampersand was tailored explicitly in its own unique type face, and its official font is also a registered trademark.