Emergency Repairs


From time to time, repairs are required to ensure your property is well maintained. To determine whether your repair is of an urgent nature, please use the following guide.

What is an emergency repair?

Emergency repairs include:

  • A burst water service or a serious water leak
  • A gas leak
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • Flooding or flood damage
  • A fire or fire damage
  • A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
  • A fault or damage which makes the premises unsafe or insecure

Please report these issues to Raine and Horne Huskisson immediately.

For urgent/emergency repairs after hours or on weekends, please contact the following: 


All Plus Plumbing

Phone: 0418 251 401


Kevin Walsh Electrical

Phone: 0407 934 059


Bay & Basin Locksmiths

Phone: 0412 929 197


Ross Harden

Phone: 0412 669 480

Water Supply/Leaks

Shoalhaven Water

Phone: 4429 3214


No Power?

  • Check your electricity supplier. There may be a planned outage or a fault in the street or suburb that you are not aware of.
  • Check the safety switch. An appliance may have tripped the switch in the meter box. If so, simply reset the switch.
  • If the safety switch trips again, unplug all of your appliances and plug them in one at a time until the faulty appliance is located.
  • If you have a fuse box, check for a blown fuse.
  • Replace the light globe if necessary.

Plumbing issues?

  • For any sink blockages, try bi-carb soda, vinegar, draino or hot water. Generally the blockage is caused by old soap or hair.
  • To eliminate a foul smell coming from the floor waste grate, try pouring boiling water down the floor grate. This will force stagnant water out of the ‘S’ bend. Usually 2-3 litres is enough.

Oven not working?

  • Check that the power isolation switch is turned on. This can typically be found on the kitchen splashback or near the power points.
  • Set the clock on the display panel. Some ovens will not work if the clock is not set.
  • Ensure the timer is off. Some ovens won’t work if the timer countdown is still set.

Cooktop not working?

  • Gas: Check the connections to make sure they’re not loose and/or dirty.
  • Electric: Check the power is connected and turned on at the meter box.
  • Test all of the elements to isolate which one is not working.