Application for tenancy terms and conditions

We collect personal information about you in this form to assess your application for a residential tenancy. We may need to collect information about you from your previous landlords or letting agents, your current or previous employer and your referees. Your consent to us collecting this information is set out below. We may disclose personal information about you to the owner of the property to which this application relates. If this application is successful we may disclose your details to service providers relevant to the tenancy relationship including maintenance contractors and owner’s insurers. We may also send personal information about you to the owners of any other properties at your request. You have the right to access personal information that we hold about you by contacting us at [email protected] or at Level 11/447 Kent Street St Sydney. If you do not complete this form or do not sign the consent below on your application for a residential tenancy may not be considered by the owner of the relevant property or, if considered, may be rejected. 

If you would like to access this information you can do so by contacting us in person at 68 Owen St Huskisson, or by calling 02 44417000. You can correct this information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.


I the applicant acknowledge that I have read he privacy disclosure statement. I authorise the agent to collect information about me from:

My previous letting agent and /or Landlords

My personal references

Any Tenancy Default Database which may contain information about me. I also authorise the agent to disclose details about any defaults by me under the tenancy to which this application relates, to any Tenancy Default Database to which it subscribes including Tenancy Information Centre of Australia (TICA), National Tenancy Database (NTD) and or Trading Reference Australia (TRA).


I/we, the above applicant, understand and agree to the following tenancy conditions with Raine & Horne Huskisson:

I understand that should my/our application not be accepted the agent is not required or obliged to disclose why or supply reason for the application being declined.

I understand that all new tenancies commence with a 6 month lease unless advised otherwise.

I understand that should my/our application not be accepted, the agent will keep a copy of the full application and supporting documents on file for 7 days. The original application and supporting documents can be returned to the applicant if requested. Applications & supporting documents will be destroyed after this time.

 I understand that should my/our application be accepted, a holding deposit of one weeks rent is due and payable within 48 hours. The remainder payable on sign up. as follows: 1 weeks rent plus a rental bond (Equivalent to 4 weeks rent).

I understand that the preferred method of payment is via direct Debit/Deposit from your nominated account. I/we must provide relevant bank account details on the previous page.

 I understand that it I/we haven’t inspected the property with a representative of Raine & Horne Huskisson, my/our application will not be formally approved until such an inspection has taken place.

I acknowledge that this is an application to lease this property and that my application is subject to the landlords approval.

I declare that all information contained in this application is true and correct.

I declare that I have inspected the premises and I am satisfied with the current condition and cleanliness of the property.