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Adding a growing Irish contingent to the local real estate industry John has been selling property for over 4 years.

Prior to entering the real estate industry John came from a construction background providing what he describes as a “Sensible and Realistic” advantage over other agents. Being able to add construction knowledge in the sales process can open eyes to potential that others may not see.

A force in real estate, John brought with him a wealth of expertise as an established and seasoned professional. Recently, through his trademark tenacity, effort and determination, he negotiated a successful multiple offer sales process to achieve a sale over 10% higher than the local average.

Attributing his success to exceptional customer service John realises the importance of being an advisor in the Real Estate industry.

His friendly demeanour and with over 11 years selling experience he has pricing and delivery of results down to a fine art for his vendors. His vast knowledge of nearby neighbourhoods and talent for marketing and negotiation have enabled him to create exceptional outcomes for his clients.

With negotiation skills that are second to none John can get a deal completed leaving both seller and buyer feeling like they’ve had a great experience. “I strive to find the best buyer for a property which is not the easiest sale it’s the one that provides the best results for my vendors” John said.