The Yowie!


Reputed to be half-man half-beast, the Yowie is Australia's equivalent of the Himalayan Yetie (sic) or America's Big Foot and it appears in Aboriginal folk lore dating back thousands of years.

Official statistics show that over 3 000 sightings were reported throughout Australia between 1975 and 1979.

Several local timber cutters and farmers claim to have seen the creature in the hills around Kilcoy or have heard of it through legends that have been around for generations.

The last reported sighting in Kilcoy was in December 1979. Two Brisbane school boys claim the monster stood just 20 metres from them while they were on a pig shooting expedition 4 km north of the town.

They described the beast as being about 3 metres tall with a 'Kangaroo appearance' and covered in chocolate coloured hair. They said it took giant 'thumping' strides which could be heard for hundreds of metres.

Following this incident the Shire Council commissioned a Birchwood statue to be carved and the artist's interpretation of the boy's description now stands in Yowie Park beside the D'Aguilar Highway in Kilcoy.

Visitors from around the world now pause in Yowie Park to picnic, photograph and ponder about the giant monster while others set off on a mammoth YOWIE HUNT!!!"

Today the Yowie staute stands next to a barbecue and there is a picture beside the statue which allows visitors to put their head into a hole and be photographed as a Yowie!!


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