Goodger Gully Rd, Semgreens Rd, Kunioon Rd

Goodger Gully Rd, Semgreens Rd & Kunioon Rd, Kunioon

Located at Goodger Gully Rd, 5emgreens Rd & Kunioon Rd, Kunioon (as shown on the maps) and containing an approximate area of 170 hectares (approx. 420 acres).

This is considered a grazing property although it has been substantially contoured previously and Stanwell would consider that use in the future for the right lessee.

Stanwell will require these parcels to be occupied under a single lease agreement held by the same tenant.

Other Relevant information:
The property has 3 main dams however with the current prolonged drought conditions there is limited water available.
The lease property has stock proof boundary fences. Internal fences should be managed by the lessee.
Cattle yards
There are cattle yards on the property currently.
Other Rural infrastructure/sheds - There are no useful structures or sheds located on the land.