Kingaroy Cooyar Rd, Old Cooyar Rd & Old Taabinga Rd, Goodger

Kingaroy Cooyar Rd, Old Cooyar Rd & Old Taabinga Rd, Goodger

Lots 2, 3 & 5 on RP 59914 located at Kingaroy Cooyar Rd, Old Cooyar Rd & Old Taabinga Rd, Goodger (as shown on the attached maps) and containing an approximate area of 208 hectares.

The lease area contains approximately 140 ha (345 acres) of grazing country and 68 ha (168 acres) of fenced off timbered mixed forest country. The location of the cattle proof fencing around the accessible grazing country is show on the attached map, access either side of Kingaroy Cooyar Rd is via an under road culvert. There are seasonal dams and creeks as well as a trough connected to the Tarong Water Pipeline that traverses the land.

Sunwater Easement.
A Sunwater easement containing the Tarong water Pipeline from Boondooma barn, a maintenance access track and associated pipeline infrastructure traverse the property. Sunwater will access these areas from time to time.

There is seasonal water from dams and natural springs that run through the property. In additional Stanwell has an offtake and allocation from the Tarong pipeline on Lot 2 and has connected a cattle trough in the north eastern section of Lot 5. Consideration will be given for another trough to be connected on Lot 2 on the western side of Kingaroy Cooyar Rd if conditions warrant it.
Water from this allocation is also connected via a poly line to a couple Stanwell's properties on Foleys Road as a back up for extended dry periods.

Access across Kingaroy Cooyar Rd - There is a purpose built culvert that permits access to either side of Kingaroy Cooyar Rd.

Cattle yards
There are no cattle yards on the property although Stanwell may consider the installation of a basic set of portable yards if deemed appropriate in the future.

Other Rural infrastructure/sheds
There are no useful structures or sheds located on the land.