Information For Bidders


Important Information

  • All bidders are required to register.  The registration desk open half an hour prior to auction and we will require photo identification and proof of address.  A drivers licence is ideal, if not a passport with a supporting document with your address on it.
  • If you are bidding on a property where there is multiple people signing the contract, they too will need to register and will require their correct identification.


Authority to Bid

  • If you're going to have somebody to bid on your behalf, whether you are also attending the auction or not, you'll need to fill in an Authority To Bid - In Person form and provide the correct ID for all parties involved. 

Authority to Phone Bidding 

  • If you'd like to have somebody bid on your behalf whilst you are on the telephone, you will need to have the Authority To Bid - On Phone form completed by both yourself and the person bidding and the identification of both parties provided.
  • If you would like to have somebody from our agency bid on your behalf, we can arrange this.


Other Important Documents


The Bidders Guide

The Auction Laws


Good luck!