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My neighbour and I are having a land dispute. Who can help us?

Published 6 days ago

Disagreements between neighbours over property boundaries can be an unfortunate reality for some homeowners. As with any difference in life, it is always desirable to resolve a neighbourly dispute long before it ends up in an expensive court battle. But if your polite attempts to settle the issu...


Logan Central food markets on international display

Published 15 days ago

British celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott has showcased the City of Logan’s proud cultural diversity as he delivered a street-food feast at the city’s Global Food Markets.  Logan is a culturally diverse community with residents from 217 different ethnic identities, speaking more than 50 different ...


What are my rights and responsibilities as a landlord?

Published 19 days ago

Being a landlord involves more than collecting weekly rents and maintaining the property. A landlord must provide a secure, safe, and reasonably clean property for tenants. This also means providing fittings and fixtures such as carpets, blinds, and kitchen appliances such as stove tops and oven...


Should I use auction or private treaty to sell my property this spring?

Published about 1 month ago

Both approaches to selling your property have plenty of merits. Private treaty is the traditional method of sale where buyers negotiate on an advertised price. An auction, on the other hand, allows interested buyers to offer competing bids for your home openly. Moreover, if there’s plenty of inte...


What are my responsibilities as a tenant when vacating a rental property?

Published about 1 month ago

Great question. The first step is to make sure you give the landlord the correct level of notice.This varies depending on the state or territory where you live, in Queensland a tenant must give at least 14 days' notice. Also be sure to have a read of your entry condition report, and review any i...


How can digital marketing help maintain my rental property’s cash flow?

Published about 2 months ago

If you’re an investor with a vacant rental property you could be forgiven for thinking there is little that digital marketing can do to help you find a tenant and get your cash flow rolling again if your investment property in vacant. However, you’d be wrong. Better still with our digital market...


Will trees help or hinder a property sale?

Published about 2 months ago

The impact of trees can be a factor when the time arrives to sell a home. A touch of green around the house can have a significant impact and might make the difference for a potential buyer. For those with established trees in the garden, you’re in luck. However, it is essential that the gums, c...


Should I treat my investment property like a small business?

Published 2 months ago

Yes, is the short answer. Actively managing your investment portfolio is vital to the success of positive investment returns. However, this may not be as simple as it sounds, and the best way to approach your investment is to treat it like a business. Like a SME owner, investors must understand ...


What are some inexpensive hacks I can use to spruce up my house for a spring sale?

Published 3 months ago

With the warmer months fast approaching, and more buyers out and about inspecting properties, now is a great time to think about your next property move. If the plan is to upgrade into a new home before Christmas, you’ll need to start thinking about the curb appeal of your current property to pr...


When is it a good time to sell a family home?

Published 3 months ago

Lifestyle changes will often drive an owner’s resolution to sell a property. Whether it’s for a job relocation, to meet the needs of a growing family or to downsize into a smaller property, working out when to time your sale can be a significant task – especially for first-time sellers. Re...


What are some traps landlords should look out for?

Published 4 months ago

If you’re considering a first (or next) investment property, be sure to avoid buying a property with high rental vacancy rates. If for example, some significant new developments are underway or completed, tenants might be spoiled for choice as the new development may create a short-term oversuppl...


Water wagon launched in Logan

Published 4 months ago

Did you know, the cost of a one litre bottle of water is the same as around 600 glasses of water from the tap? Did you know more than 40% of all bottles end up in landfill or as litter?    That's why Logan City Council is taking positive steps towards reducing our reliance on single-use plastic...