Raine & Horne Mandurah Real Estate awards

2020 State Awards WA

Chairmans Club
Winner          Randolph Watson  Mandurah
Winner          Peter Vetten            Mandurah

Top Salesperson - Highest Transaction          
Winner          Peter Vetten            Mandurah                     

Top Salesperson - Number of Sales           
2nd     Randolph Watson  Mandurah

Top Salesperson - Sales Dollar Value                       
3rd     Elaine Kane  Mandurah
2nd     Randolph Watson  Mandurah                   

Top Principal - Number of Sales - Winner Peter Vetten

Top Office - Sales Dollar Value -

Winner Mandurah

Top Office - Number of Sales -

Winner Mandurah

Years Of Service

Winner Mandurah  - 15 Years


2019 State Awards WA

Raine & Horne Mandurah - We are proud to announce the following Awards.

Marketing – Product engagement Amplify

Nest New Talent – Sales
Ron Barnett – Mandurah

Property Management of Year

Top Sales Person # Sales
2. Eric Hamer
3 Randolph Watson
4 Ron Barnett

Top Sales Person $ Value
2. Randolph Watson
5 Ron Barnett

Top Salesperson Principal $ Value
Peter Vetten

Top Office # Sales
1. Mandurah

Top Office $ Value
2. Mandurah


2018 State Awards WA

 And that's a wrap for the 2018 State Awards!

Thank you all for joining in on celebrating the outstanding achievements across our network with awards, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres! 

Raine & Horne  Mandurah were awarded the following Awards for 2018

 Best New Talent- Ron Barnett 

Property Management Office of the Year -Mandurah 
Top Salesperson - # of Sale  
#2. Eric Hamer
#3.Randolph Watson
4 Ron Barnett.
Top Sales $ Value
#2.Randolph Watson
#5 Ron Barnett 
Top Salespersons Principal $ Value
Peter Vetten 
Top Office # Sales
Top Office $ Value
#2. Mandurah

To all our WA 2017 State Award Winners!

With many of our best and brightest in attendance, this year’s State Awards was one of the most successful events in our 135-year history!

The Crown at Burwood looked incredible, the food and drinks flowed freely and the dancefloor was heaving; all signs of a fantastic evening.

Top Office $ Value 1st place
*Top Sales Person (Peter Vetten - Principal $ Value 1st place)
*Top Office number of Sales- 1st place
* Top sales person (Peter Vetten - Principal # of Sales 1st place)
*Outstanding Property manager - Gavin Paton 1st place
* Outstanding Office Support - Diana Gilbert
* 1st Place for Number of Sales Top Salesperson Randolph Watson WA 2017
* 3rd Place for $Value Top Salesperson Randolph Watson WA 2017
* Local Community Excellence Award 2017 Randolph Watson




Raine & Horne WA 2016 Annual State Awards.
Congratulations to all our Mandurah staff on the following Awards, a great night was had by all.

*Chairmans Club Sales Person
*Top Salesperson (Principal) 1st place number of sales
*Top Salesperson (Principal) Sales $ Value 1st Place.
*Award for Excellence

*Website Excellence 2016

*Top Salesperson number of Sales 3rd Place
*Top Salesperson $ Value 3rd Place.




Raine & Horne Western Australia State Awards Feb 2015
Raine & Horne Mandurah received the following awards at the awards night at the Parmelia Hilton Perth.

1st Place – Chairman’s Club Salespeople – Peter Vetten

1st Place – Chairman’s Club Property Management – Diana Gilbert

1st Place – Top Salesperson (Principal) $ Value – Peter Vetten

1st Place – Realestate.com.au Award – Raine & Horne Mandurah

1st Place – Outstanding Office Support – Sharon Taylor

1st Place - Top Office Business Growth $ Value – Raine & Horne Mandurah

1st Place – Top Salesperson (Principal) Number of Sales – Peter Vetten

1st Place – Top Office $ Value – Raine & Horne Mandurah

2nd Place – Top Office Number of Sales

Outstanding Office Support - Jessica Baker


Mandurah’s Raine & Horne office has once again made their presence known at the Raine & Horne WA Annual Awards, held at the Mecure Hotel, Perth, on Saturday 25 February, 2012.

The awards recognise the best principals, sales agents, property managers and support staff in Raine & Horne’s Western Australian network.

For its part, Raine & Horne Mandurah won 7 major awards, including Best Business Growth (Number of Sales) and Best Business Growth (Dollar Value).

In the hotly contested Top Salesperson (Number of Sales) category, Principal Peter Vetten grabbed the number 1 spot, along with a win in the Top Salesperson (Principal Dollar Value) category.

Property Manager Jennifer Walton was named a Chairmans Club Property Management Member along with

Apart from its winning ways in the sales categories, Jennifer Walton was elevated into the Chairman’s Club for Property Management in 2012 and Peter Vetten as Chairman’s Club Salesperson while Bethany Brouwer was awarded for Outstanding Corporate Support.