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Glow-In-The-Dark Plants May Soon Replace Your Bedside Lamp

Published  8 months

Your favourite plant may have the supernatural ability to lighten your home, according to a revolutionary new study. Imagine reading before nodding off to sleep – no need for a bedside lamp, just a glorious fiddle leaf fig to light your pages. Well, engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of...


Saving for a property?...

Published  11 months

Here's 3 pricey social events to avoid if you can... Saving for a deposit isn’t easy. But neither is sacrificing your entire social life, for years, so you can scrape together the dosh before emerging blinking into the sunlight several years later. The good news is you don’t really have to – ju...


Tuesday's Tip - Invest in Fresh Linen

Published  12 months

Think of your property as a display home while it’s on the market. Keep fresh linen ready to set out before open inspections. Make a feature of the bed: Clean, crisp, ironed white bed linen is always a winner. Add splashes of colour with throws and cushions. Hang luxurious towels: Add an element...


Tuesday's Tip - Let There Be Light

Published  about 1 year

Remove Bulky Furnishings To De-Clutter Rooms: Less is more. Light coloured furnishings assist to brighten and enlarge a room.Let Natural Light In: Open blinds/curtains and if necessary, prune trees to let light in. Wall mirrors can assist to bounce light and give the impression of space.Turn On T...


Preparing your property for a spring market

Published  about 1 year

Displaying your home in its finest light can attract more potential buyers this spring, and better still it won’t cost you a small fortune. Sparkle up the interior, paying attention to the kitchen, bathroom/s and lounge room, ensuring surfaces are free of dust and mould. Create a sense of space...


Tuesday's Tip - Less Is More!

Published  about 1 year

When marketing your property the aim is to make it appear as spacious as possible...De-Clutter: Remove excess furniture and minimise personal photos/ornaments allowing prospective purchasers to imagine their own belongings in the property.Furniture Styling: Consider engaging a professional furnit...


House Plants Improve The Air Quality of Your Home

Published  about 1 year

Not only do house plants provide colour and texture with their leafy greens and look great on coffee tables, but it turns out they breathe a little more life into the air, too. Given the time we spend indoors and the fact that indoor air pollutants can build up and be present in larger amounts t...

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