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A Living Room To Love

This is usually the first room that a buyer will see - thoughtful presentation is required to make the best possible impression.


Immaculate & Fresh

Make sure the entire room is spotless and free from clutter. Dust everywhere, including on top of your entertainment areas and fan blades, and give all windows a thorough washing. Make sure cords are neat and away from sight and remove unnecessary elements in the room such as portable heaters, fans or even your clothes drying rack.


Colour & Light

A new coat of paint will help make your room fresh and inviting. As much as you may love your dramatic red dining room, it could turn certain buyers off. It's best to repaint your rooms in light, neutral shades to ensure your room looks as spacious as possible. Open up all your blinds to let in natural light and if needed, add floor or table lamps. Colour should be added sparingly with single items - things such as a luxurious throw rug or some elegant cushions.


Re-arrange & Remove

Your furniture should fit and complement your lounge room, get rid of any shabby, extra or oversized furniture. Consider hiring tasteful, chic styling pieces, the addition of these can help add serious dollars to your final selling price. 


Space & Flow

The last thing you want is people bumping furniture as they walk through your home. When it comes to furniture a minimal approach is best; it will always look neat and more importantly, spacious. Do a walk-through of your living spaces and remove or rearrange anything that feels clunky or in the way. Also, if you have patterned fabric on your sofa, consider a throw rug in a solid, complementary colour to tone down busyness and add a relaxed, spacious style. 



Preparing Your Home for Sale

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