How important is your home’s presentation in achieving a sale this Spring?

Presenting your home in the best possible light can attract more potential buyers this Spring, and better still it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Sparkle up the interior, paying particular attention to the kitchen, bathroom/s and lounge room, ensuring surfaces are dust-free – also get rid of any mould. (For more on mould, see the Insight section in this issue of Fusion.)

Declutter, declutter and declutter some more. Create a sense of space in your home by removing all non-essential items, such as portable heaters and fans, children’s toys, and other personal effects.

Presenting the home in ship-shape order will impress potential buyers. So, whether it’s a loose door handle or a cracked tile, get it fixed! At the same time, don’t underestimate the magical powers of a fresh coat of paint to your front door, fences and gates, while it can also pay to freshen up your interiors with light, neutral colours.

If you have a garden, be sure to trim back dead branches and overgrown shrubs, clean your gutters and rake up any leaves and tree branches in the yard. Likewise, strategically placed potted plants, hanging baskets and bushes can also create an appealing impression and can shield less attractive features of your home.

The good news is that these simple steps won’t cost a fortune. For more tips and info on preparing your home for sale this spring selling season, get in touch with Raine&Horne in Marrickville on (02) 9560 7599.



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