Preparing For A Great Sale

We are experts in helping our clients get their properties market-ready, from styling advice to organising tradespeople. Here are some simple but highly effective tips to enhance your home and sale. 



Decluttering your home will have the most impact when preparing your property for sale. Help buyers visualise by ensuring all surfaces are clean. small objects that don't need to be there should be packed away, and entrances and stairways should be clear.


Draw buyers in with a bright and welcoming home. Neat and tidy lawns with trimmed edges, even a splash of potted colour can help. Windows should be sparkling. Remove leaves from paths and verandas. 

Sparkling Interiors

It's time to let your home shine and let buyers see your property at it's best. Create a well-kept look by cleaning walls, floors and skirting, as well as marks on the carpet or around light switches. Pack away clutter from cupboards, tables and countertops and keeps sinks empty and clean.


Naturally welcoming, fresh-cut flowers bring life and warmth to every room and are an easy way to enhance your property. Be mindful they are kept fresh and the water is changed regularly. 


Keep your home smelling fresh and inviting. Remove any bad or strong odours.

Storage & Closet Space

Buyers value good storage. Be sure to remove any unnecessary items you've accumulated to highlight the storage in your property.


Little faults can leave big impressions. So get on top of defects that can annoy buyers such as dripping taps, sticking doors, and loose tiles.

Spacious Bedrooms

Create a sense of space and tranquillity by tidying up bedrooms. Close drawers and wardrobe doors and remove any clutter from bedside tables. Crisp, clean sheets are a must, but try and avoid busy patterns. 

Bright Bathrooms

Make your bathroom a selling point by creating a bright, clean space. Fresh towels and a lightly scented room atomiser can make sure the bathroom smells fresh and inviting.

Inviting Lounge

Give your lounge room a spacious and inviting feel by keeping things clean and minimal. Remove clutter from entertainment areas and bookshelves and don't forget to dust.

Sparkling Kitchen

A sparkling kitchen can motivate and inspire buyers. So clean all surfaces and pay special attention to food preparation areas like the sink, stove, oven and grill. Arrange stored goods attractively and keep open packets out of sight.


Create elegance with solid neutral tones. Simple walls painted in a subdued palette will come to life with carefully selected prints or styled wall hangings.

Time to Go

When it comes to open homes, it's best not to accompany the buyer or sales agents during inspections. Give your agent room to best represent your property.

Remove Animals

It's best to take animals out during inspections. Some buyers are allergic or may not like animals.


Showing your property in its best light can really elevate your sale. By decluttering and preparing before the campaign begins you'll be ready to create a strong and lasting first impression.