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The Sales Process

Agency Agreements

No matter which agent you engage to sell your property, you will need to sign an agency agreement. It's a standard legal agreement that authorises the agent to act on your behalf in relation to the sale of your property.

You can expect to find an agreed term and an estimate of the selling price. It will also include the services the agent will provide as well as the agent's commission and may include details of marketing costs. 

There are three main kinds of agreements you may encounter:

Exclusive Agency

This gives your chosen agent the exclusive right to sell your property.

Open Agency

This allows you to list your property with a number of agents. Many agents won't engage in open agreements.

Auction Agency

Similar to the exclusive agency agreement but tailored specifically to properties listed for auction.  


Contract of Sale

Before any property can be sold a contract of sale must be prepared. This includes all the correct documents required by each state or territory laws and any inclusions and exclusions as well as details around the cooling-off period. 


Finding Your Market

Every property is different, and each property has a perfect buyer. That's where a sharp and tailored marketing strategy comes in. We pride ourselves not just on reach, but on the quality of the buyers we attract.

We are able to capture both active and passive buyers with Amplify, our highly targeted digital marketing platform, and our tailored marketing campaigns which include a mix of:

  • Digital
  • Signboard
  • Newspaper and editorial
  • Letterbox drop
  • Property magazine
  • plus additional real estate websites
  • Open homes
  • Direct mail
  • Window displays
  • Our exclusive referral network


The Auction Advantage

The excitement and buzz of an auction can translate to higher-than-expected results. Emotions of potential buyers often run high, keen to secure their dream home. It's an effective and immediate way to sell your property.

Best Results

The competitive nature of auctions can deliver impressive results. With no upper limit and the excitement of drawing out the best bids, there's always the possibility of a sale price well above reserve. 

You're in Control

The terms and conditions of the auction process are in your hands. The timing of the sale and the reserve you set are all up to you.


Selling your home can bring disruption. Shorter campaigns, fewer-prearranged 'open for inspections,' and choosing to sell by auction can be a great way to reduce the impact on family life.

Maximum Exposure

Auction campaigns are designed to give your property maximum exposure. By concentrating your marketing over a relatively short period of time you can attract more interest from genuine buyers. At the auction, the market then determines the value, so you're genuinely getting what the property is worth at the time of sale. 

Strong Strategy

All our auctions are carefully planned to maximise your results, from documentation to setting the right date. Preparation and tailored marketing form the backbone of real success. 

True Value

When you sell via auction, you can be sure that your getting the best the market has to offer. You're letting the market determine the worth of your property, and this often leads to impressive results beyond the reserve.

Precision Planning

Auctions are exciting events and the planning that goes into the lead-up is carefully considered. Each auction requires tailored planning to get the most out of the market on auction day. 

Set the Date

By setting a firm date, an auction can create a real sense of urgency. Serious buyers must be ready to act on the day, or they run the risk of missing out.

Set Your Price

A reserve price is the price you set - the property can not be sold without reaching the price unless you agree to it. When it comes to setting your reserve you agree to it. When it comes to setting your reserve price you have right up until the auction to make a considered decision. 


Private Treaty

  • Set the price you're happy with right from the outset
  • Take your time to consider offers
  • Too fast? Too slow? You determine the pace of the process and negotiations
  • A cooling-off period can be attractive to some buyers.
  • Marketing costs may be lower.

Set Your Price

Setting the right price for your property is a big decision. We support you by offering our expert opinion based on research and experience. We support you by offering our expert opinion based on research and experience. Once we've inspected your property, you can be sure you're getting a reliable true estimate. 

Our estimates are well researched and based on a number of factors.

  • Data sources, including property data
  • Recent advertisements
  • Recent sales negotiated by Raine & Horne
  • Recent sales by other agents
  • Valuations from other registered valuers

Negotiating & Accepting

Good negotiation skills are key to delivering outstanding results. That's why Raine & Horne agents pride themselves on their qualifying skills. We're focused on identifying motivated buyers and drawing out quality offers for your consideration. 

To deliver the best results, all negotiations need to come through the agent. If you are approached directly, simply refer the buyer back to your agent.


After The Campaign

Contract Exchange

After the sale, both the vendor and the buyer will need to sign the contract and receive a copy. The buyer will be required to pay a deposit and the remainder will be paid at settlement.

Things vary slightly depending on your method of sale. If you've sold a residential property by private treaty, there may be a cooling-off period following the signing of the contract. Buyers often use this time to organise property, pest or building inspections. During the cooling-off period, it's possible for the buyer to withdraw from the sale.

Depending on which state or territory you call home, the legal process can differ. Your agent knows the laws that affect your sale and will explain the appropriate legal process. 

Unconditional Sale

Once sold unconditionally the buyer must pay their deposit. The immediate exchange of contracts safeguards you against loss of contract and sale. There's no further cooling-off period where the buyer can rescind the contract.


On settlement, the keys are in your hands! The settlement is when you, the buyer, become the official owner. It's a process that can take between 4-12 weeks after contracts are signed. Once complete, the new owner is fully responsible for the property, until that point, it's the vendor's responsibility to keep insurances and rates paid up.