Time To Move Checklist

When it comes time to move, take an organised approach, mark things off one at a time. The following checklist can help you remember all the small details.


Lead Up

  • Select a removalist, or hire a van. Obtain two or three quotes & remember to include insurance.
  • If renting, give the required days notice in writing to the managing agent.
  • Update your the following with your new contact details:
    • Registration/licence with RTA
    • Bank
    • Insurance details (house, contents, car, life)
    • Enrolment details with the Electoral Commission
  • A notification email is a great way of informing friend & family about your change of address.
  • If relevant, advise your solicitors, stockbrokers and superannuation firms.
  • Redirect your mail to the new address.
  • Contact your gas, electricity and water providers and arrange final readings, disconnection and reconnection at the new address.
  • Disconnect phone & internet services, and arrange reconnection at the new address.
  • Don’t move items you no longer want. Have a garage sale or donate them. 
  • If you are doing your own packing, hire or purchase boxes and start well in advance of the move. Pack your least-used items first, label each box carefully and nominate a room for it to be placed in at the new address. 


Week Before

  • Confirm the details with your selected removalist
  • Tidy the garden, cut the lawns &remove any rubbish.
  • Empty fuel from lawnmowers, lamps & fuel heaters.
  • Empty any gas bottles – they have been known to explode in removalist trucks.
  • Collect/return anything outstanding such as dry cleaning & repairs.
  • Arrange an on-street parking permit, if required.
  • Defrost the fridge the night before your move.
  • Arrange carpet cleaning.


Moving Day

  • Keep valuable documents and keys handy.
  • Make a final inspection to be sure nothing is forgotten.
  • Double-check closets, garden sheds, attic, and garage.
  • Ensure everything is turned off and locked.
  • Supervise placement of furniture and boxes.
  • Check the phone, electricity, internet and gas are connected in your new home.
  • Arrange care for children and pets on moving day. Moving is stressful enough without interruptions.


Guide for Parents

  • Discuss the move with your children.
  • Talk to them about where you are moving to & what they can look forward to about the move.
  • Show them pictures or take them to look at the new home if you can.
  • Give everyone a job to get them involved in the move. Label your children’s belongings so you can find them easily when you arrive at your new home.
  • Take photos of your old house so your children can remember their time there.