Why do I need a Real Estate Agent


Why do I need a Real Estate Agent? 

The main motivation to using a real estate agent is having a third party to negotiate on your behalf.

The negotiations are the crucial bit that you absolutely have to get right.

Negotiations for house sales are always best where sellers and buyers have a mediator - someone in the middle - as these discussions about large sums of money and something as personal as a home are often fraught with tension!

If you are tempted to sell your home privately consider this. When buyers inspect your home, what are you going to tell them? Whatever you say, buyers know you will have no real independence or in depth market knowledge. Buyers today are pretty savvy. When they see a seller trying to save thousands on real estate agent fees, they will just offer less. That really does happen. Then you have done all that hard work and stress for nothing! 

Choosing Raine & Horne Meadows

Choosing an agent based purely on how cheap their fees are is a risky strategy. Like with many things in life, there is a wide spectrum between something that is cheap and getting value for money.

You should choose an agent based on their track record of sales results in your area and their track record in selling homes like yours locally. We at Raine & Horne Meadows are local and know the area well. Gary Dawe was born and raised right here in Meadows!

You should choose them because you feel you can work well together and because you really feel they will represent your property in the market to its full potential. 

Most importantly employ an agent that understands your home, acknowledges its positives and knows how to manage any negatives. 

 It is very possible these agents - because they are very good - are not the cheapest.

 They are however, worth their weight in gold.


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