Periodic Inspections


Through out your lease term we will visit the property to carry out routine inspections. The purpose of these inspections are:

1. It gives you, the tenant, an oppotunity to give us some feedback on what improvements / minor repairs could be made to the property;

2. It gives us the opportunity to satisfy ourselves that the property is being properly cared for and maintained;

3. It arms us with information that we can pass on to the owner to demonstrate what great tenants you are.

During our inspection we will be taking photos of items that may require repair or upgrading and also the general condition and presentation of the property. 

This information forms a report that is sent to the owner then filed away in our database for future reference (if required). The manner in which the property is being maintained and presented has a big influence on our attitude to rent increases, lease renewals and of course tenancy references at the end of the lease.

Please take these inspections seriously and make an effort to tidy the property; pick up clothes, make beds, tidy bathrooms and kitchen, vacuum floors and clean external areas.