Shann 1.profile

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce, Shann went on to post graduate studies and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Within a few years Shann was operating his own consulting business however, after several successful property trades in the early 1990’s, Shann realised that Real Estate was his passion & future.

Shann wound down his consulting commitments, joined his brother Brendan and together made Raine & Horne Mosman one of the most reputable & recognisable real estate brands in Mosman.

Shann’s professional training helped him identify the value & synergy of a first class rental business back in the late 1990’s - something other real estate operators are just starting to realise.

Since then, Shann has made it his specific mission to ensure a professional quality of service is maintained by designing & implementing water tight procedures and becoming personally entrenched in the property management operations (including property sales & guidance on acquisitions & asset improvements). Shann believes that between himself & his brother, Brendan, they have all bases covered.

“Too often sales people run agencies, which can impact their earning capacity by forcing them to focus on management tasks which fall outside their core strengths. We are lucky in that we have the best of both worlds – a focused sales force and a flawless back office”.