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Terminating a Lease

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract providing protection for both you and the property owner. There are three normal scenarios whereby you may need to termiante the agreement.

End of Fixed Term

If you intend to vacate at the end of your fixed term agreement, you are required to give a minimum of 14 days written notice to us prior to the expiry of your agreement.

Expired Lease

Once the fixed term has expired, unless you have been given notice to the contrary, you may continue living at the property. If you intend to vacate after your tenancy agreement has expired (i.e. on a 'month by month' agreement), you must give us at least 21 days written notice in advance.

During Fixed Term - 'Lease Break'

If any unforeseen circumstances arise and you have to vacate the property prior to the expiration of your tenancy agreement, please contact your Property Manager immediately. In this situation we will endeavour to find another tenant to take over your tenancy obligations. If this occurs, you will be responsible for the following:

(i)   Payment of all rent until another suitable tenant moves into the property;
(ii)  Payment of a letting fee;
(iii) Payment of advertising fees.

Giving Notice

If you would like to give us notice of your intention to vacate the property, you must do so in writing and may use our Vacating Notice Form below. If you choose not to use this form please note that a vacating notice must contain certain prescribed information which is outlined by the Office of Fair Trading (click here to link through) in order for it to be valid.

A Vacating Notice must be sent to us using one of the following methods:

(a) Posted to PO Box 710 Mosman NSW 2088 (please allow and addition 4 business days for postage)
(b) Hand delivered to 145 Middle Head Road, Mosman NSW 2088
(c) Faxed to us on 02 9969 3666.

Unfortunately, we cannot receive Vacating Notices by email or over the phone as they are not legally permissible.

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