'Aus Vegas' in Cairns?

Story courtesy of newsport.com.au

That's the vision of Queensland MP Aidan McLindon, who told a national conference turning Cairns into Australia's version of Las Vegas would invigorate the city.

Mr McLindon will visit Cairns, and hopes to meet with Mayor Val Schier to discuss his idea, even though she has dismissed the concept.


"I think it would be wise of mayor Val Schier to balance up the idea and what it would bring to the economy and the whole Cairns region," he said.


"A three billion dollar theme park was flagged for Cairns only a year ago, and a $240 million Cultural Centre Precinct is now in limbo. Cairns can only keep knocking back these things for so long before they get shut off from reality."


Mr McLindon said Cairns is being sold short and not meeting its potential. "All the money's being channelled to southeast Queensland and this could be their opportunity to make an informed decision instead of just throwing up a brick wall."


As part of his plan, Mr McLindon says that all poker machines would be removed from towns and cities in the State in order to enhance the "AusVegas" appeal.