Coalition unveils $6.3bn broadband plan

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THE Coalition will spend $6.31 billion over seven years to provide Australians with faster broadband using a mix of technologies.

An Abbott government will stimulate investment in backhaul fibre networks, fixed wireless networks in metropolitan, rural and regional Australia and improve DSL services.

Under the plan released this morning, the Coalition is promising that 97 per cent of households will get speeds of up to 100 megabits per second – and a minimum of 12 megabits – by 2016 through a mixture of HFC cable, DSL and fixed wireless services.

A $2.75bn investment by 2017 in open access fibre backhaul is central to the plan, with private sector investment of a further $750m expected under the plan.

The Coalition will also introduce legislation designed to ensure the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to support broadband competition.

Mr Smith and opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb will hold a press conference shortly.