Cairns Regional Council today endorsed the Tropical North Queensland Events Strategy, a visionary plan for the future of events planning throughout the region.


The Events Strategy is aimed at attracting and hosting events of national significance especially those focused on sport and cultural activities.


The recently completed TNQ Events Strategy was a joint undertaking by Cairns Regional Council, Tourism Queensland and Tourism Tropical North Queensland. The strategy to review the region’s current events structure, analyse and identify the region’s unique selling points for the future of the events industry.  The strategy suggests a plan for making the most out of this highly lucrative industry in the future.


According to Rob Giason, CEO of Tourism Tropical North Queensland, who worked closely with a specialist consultant to develop the report, the TNQ Events Strategy will provide a strong platform for Council and other stakeholders to develop major participation events and drive growth in visitation for the region’s tourism businesses.


“TTNQ drove the development of the TNQ Events Strategy in response to the TNQ Repositioning Study that recommended diversification of tourism experiences,” said Mr Giason. 


The report, compiled by Willconsult, confirms that major events have the capacity to attract overnight and longer stay participants and spectators from outside the region.


 “The report also offers great potential for positive media coverage outside the region, showcasing Tropical North Queensland as a major tourism and events destination, and providing commercial opportunities for fresh tropical food and culture.”


Mayor Val Schier said the new strategy identified opportunities across a range of event categories.


“This can only mean increased investment and interest in our wonderful region – and that has to be a good thing for everyone, tourist and locals alike.”


“Not only does this strategy give us a firm direction to follow in terms of the type of events we will pursue, but it strongly supports events that feature the region’s natural environment and have high participation,” said Cr Schier. 


“Major cultural events, national and international sporting events, national championships, and events that capitalise on the region’s adventure experiences are high on our target list.


“Tourism is one of the major economic drivers of Tropical North Queensland and we will seek to stage events during the trough and shoulder tourism seasons to extend the period of economic activity for the region.”


Mr Giason said the new strategy provided a strong and achievable vision for the region.


“I congratulate Cairns Regional Council on ratifying the TNQ Events Strategy and committing to establishing a unit to research, assess, secure and create major events that fit the aspirations of the region,” he said. 


“I also thank Tourism Queensland for supporting the development of the Events Strategy.  On the lead-up to our region’s major cultural event, the Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair, it is appropriate to be announcing an intention for our region to vigorously pursue a strategy to secure major events.  I look forward to participating in the Events Advisory Committee.”


Cr Schier said she endorsed Mr Giason’s comments and added that Council is committed to the strategy as it underpinned Council’s drive for economic development in the region.