Far north Queensland and Yasi

"Gloomy" is the only way to describe media reports pertaining to Far North Queensland in the aftermath of cyclone Yasi.  You would believe that the entire area looks like Darwin on that fateful day when 'Tracy' devestated the region. 

However 'gloomy' is not the correct word to describe our area at all.  From Cairns and all the way north to the cape avoided the wrath of Yasi, and the area received no devestation as seen in areas such as Cardwell and Mission Beach. 

Now that more than a fortnight has passes since Yasi passed through, there is virtually no evidence that anything happened at all.  Greenery stripped away in the winds has been tidied up, no structural damage was done and the area is back to being business as usual.  The weather has been gorgeous.

Much like the recent flooding reports of Queensland, many believe that the whole of Queensland has been hit by almost biblical destruction.  Look again.  Cairns and the famous Port Douglas areas are safe, unspoiled and ready to welcome you.