Historical Pub with no beer burns to the ground





Historical Pub with no beer burns to the ground

A sad night in Mossman last night as the old Royal Hotel (the pub with no beer) burnt to the ground. Only two years earlier Raine & Horne Mossman/Port Douglas sold the pub at auction to the current owner.

History of the Royal Hotel Mossman

The Royal is a two storey, timber hotel with exposed stud framing constructed

between 1931 and 1934. The first hotel on the site, also the Royal, was a single

storey moved to the site by Fred Jensen in the 1890s. It burnt down in 1929. The

new Royal had a large wooden verandah and external stairs. It was built of

chamfer board and upstairs is red cedar, although some repairs have been

made in fibro. A carbide plant made gas which was used before electric lighting

came in 1938. During the Second World War units of the Australian Army

camped at the rear of the hotel. A beer garden was added in 1972. The hotel

closed in 2007.