LNP media release


LNP candidate for Leichhardt Warren Entsch has today slammed Jim Turnour’s claims that under a Coalition government the Trades Training Centres will be closed and the Computers In Schools programs withdrawn.

Mr Entsch said it is just Turnour spin once again and it should be ignored.

“Both the Computers in Schools program and Trades Training Centres program are dud policies of the failed ‘rhetoric revolution’ promised by Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd,

Julia Gillard’s Computers in Schools program is a failed policy, not because computers aren’t

beneficial, but because the Government over promised and under delivered.


“Labor promised a laptop for every secondary student from yr 9 – 12 by 2011, but Julia Gillard’s

Computers in Schools program was initially meant to cost $1 billion but has blown out to more

than $2 billion and delivered only one third of the promised computers on desks.  The Coalition considers this an expensive failure,” Warren Entsch said.

“On top of that, after three years the Rudd Government has only delivered 22 operational Trades Training Centres out of the promised 2,650. Similarly Computers in Schools has delivered only a quarter of what was promised for double the cost of the whole project,” Mr Entsch said.

The Trades Training Centres under Labor were nothing more than a rushed pre‐election political fix to justify the scrapping of the Howard Government’s highly successful Australian Technical Colleges which

were providing high quality training to thousands of future carpenters, electricians and other


The Coalition will announce policies over the coming fortnight, and they will be better targeted and much more cost effective.

“We have a record of delivering when it comes to school infrastructure. The Investing in Our Schools program gave schools the choice of what they wanted and needed efficiently and within budget, whether it was computers, music equipment or a new building. Our Australian Technical College program created a proper pathway for young people interested in learning a trade, not a centre in 22 schools time-shared with 100 other schools in the area,” he said.



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