Mossman Gorge elevated boardwalk

Mossman Gorge Elevated Boardwalk

The on-site installation of the towers and walkways at Mossman Gorge is now set to commence on the 9th of August. It is expected that these works and associated closures will take up to 12 weeks.

When these works commence the following will be in place:

  • Mossman Gorge will be open to public access via a free shuttle bus service, between the hours of 8.00 am and 5.30 pm
  • A temporary car park for visitors has been made along Johnston Road, just before the Mossman Gorge Community all visitors must park their vehicles here.
  • A free shuttle bus service departing and returning to the temporary car park will be provided for general public use. The bus will run on a continuous loop taking approximately 15 minutes return, starting at  8.00 am. The last bus will depart from the temporary car park for Mossman Gorge at 4.30 pm with a final departure from Mossman Gorge at 5.15 pm.
  • · Vehicle access beyond the gate at the Mossman Gorge Community will be limited to permitted tour operators, QPWS rangers, council and construction staff.

Temporary signs explaining the works and altered access arrangements will be installed on site and media releases and other forms of public notification will be issued when required.


During stage 1 of the installation (towers 1–6) the main track from the car park to the point where it meets the lower river loop track will be closed to public access.
Access will be available to the lower river loop track, the Mossman River lookout, Rex Creek suspension bridge and the rainforest circuit track beyond.

Attached are two maps: 

Map 1 shows the areas opened and closed at Mossman Gorge for stage 1 of the works (the first 3–4 weeks) and stage 3

Map 2 shows the areas opened and closed during stage 2 (approx 2 weeks in middle of the installation)

If you have any queries before the 4th August please contact me on 0438 195 495. After this date my contacts are 0438 195 495, or 4098 2188 or [email protected]