Mossman Gorge elevated boardwalk update number 8

 Works are well under way with the elevated boardwalk at Mossman Gorge.

Stage one should be completed by 24th of September.

Stage 2, with its associated closures, commences on Monday 27th September and should be completed by 8th October.

During stage 2 the lower river track and the picnic area will remain open.

Areas that will be closed to public access are the main track in, Mossman River lookout, beach area, Rex Creek suspension bridge and rainforest loop track (see attached map).

A reminder that shuttle buses are in operation—all cars must be parked at the temporary car park and visitors should either walk or use the free shuttle bus to and from Mossman Gorge. The free shuttle bus service is running on a continuous loop taking approximately 15 minutes return, starting at 8.00 am. The last bus will depart from the temporary car park for Mossman Gorge at 4.30 pm with a final departure from Mossman Gorge at 5.15 pm.