Mossman Gorge update

Mossman Gorge update number 6

Elevated Boardwalk

The off site fabrication of the steel components of the walkway has been occurring for the last month. The on site installation of the 13 towers and walkways is set to start either on the week of 26th July or 2nd August, depending on galvanising. It is expected these works and associated closures will take up to 12 weeks.

When the on site installation begins the car park and road into Mossman Gorge will be closed off to general public vehicle access as the majority of the car park will be fenced off and become part of the construction site. Vehicle access will be limited to permitted tour operators, QPWS rangers, Council and construction staff.  

Mossman Gorge will only be open to public access between the hours of 8am and 5.30pm and access will be via a free shuttle bus service.

A temporary car park has been made along Johnston Rd just before the Community. A free shuttle bus service departing and returning to this location will be provided for general public use.

The bus will run on a continuous loop taking approximately 15 minutes return, from 8am in the morning. The last bus will depart from the temporary car park for the Gorge at 4.30pm and a final departure from the Gorge car park at 5.15pm.

Mossman Gorge will only be open to public access between the hours of 8am and 5.30pm and during these hours a gatekeeper will be stationed at the gate just beyond the Mossman Gorge Aboriginal Community. Out of these hours the gate will be locked.

Temporary signage explaining the works and altered access arrangements will be installed, along with media releases and other forms of public notification. .

The works will occur in three stages:

      • Stage 1 of the works is the installation of towers 1-6 and the walkways between.
        This will require the closure of the main track from the car park to the point where the lower river track meets it.
        Access will be available to the main lookout, Rex Creek Suspension Bridge and the loop track beyond.
      • Stage 2 of the works if from the final tower (tower 13) to the last abutment (new path near the main lookout).

There will be no access to the main lookout, the beach, the suspension bridge and loop track beyond while stage 2 is occurring. It is expected stage 2 will take 2-3 weeks.
The lower river track will remain opened.

      • Stage 3 is the installation of towers 7-12 and the walkways between.
        During this stage it access will be available once again to the main lookout, beach, suspension bridge and loop track.


Mossman Gorge Toilet Block

The construction of the new shed for the power system and installation of new treatment tank is near completion. The next stage of the project is to run a sewage line from the toilets at Mossman Gorge back to the town system. In order to do this is requires the laying of pipe under the road into the Gorge. It is hoped to undertake these works while the road restrictions are in place. 


Should you have any queries please contact Senior Ranger Tina Alderson on 4098 2188, 0438 195 495 or [email protected]

Another email update will be sent as soon as we have confirmation on start dates.

QPWS thanks you for your patience while with all these works 


Tina Alderson

Senior Ranger

Daintree QPWS

4098 2188 or 0438 195 495