Urgent Maintenance & Repairs

Repairs and Maintenance

  • We ask that you report any matters requiring repairs or requests immediately to avoid the risk of injury to visitors or damage to the rental property.
  • Any maintenance problem arranged by the tenant outside our normal business hours will be at the tenant’s cost unless it is proven to be an extreme emergency.
  •   You are required to complete a repair advice form, should you need maintenance attended to your property.  The only type of maintenance that will be dealt with over the phone is EMERGENCIES. 
  • The repair request form can be completed via our Maintenance Manager phone App or a completed hard copy can be posted, faxed, emailed or dropped off at either Mossman/Port Douglas office. (Please find attached Maintenance Request Form below)

Emergency Contacts

  • If you have an emergency repair and the office is closed, please contact the below tradesman; 


ELECTRICAL:                                                                        LOCKSMITH:

Sy Dolphin Electrical - 0438 040 797                             Reef Locksmith - 0414 345 603

Blake Henning Electrics - 0418 931 156                         OTHER SERVICES:

PLUMBING:                                                                           Mossman Police - 07 4098 2177

Geoff Ward Plumbing - 0429 875 862                            Port Douglas Police - 07 4087 1999

Paul Voerman Plumbing - 0417 796 437                       Mossman Hospital - 07 4084 1200