We endeavour to provide a professional management service to all our lessors and lessees. If we can help in any way with your rental needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are looking for Forms or application forms please go to our Adelaide Hills Property Management web page at https://www.raineandhorne.com.au/ahpm

For those clients renting through this agency, that uphold all conditions of their Tenancy Agreement, we are only too happy to act as referees when required.

We believe that a smooth relationship can only occur when we all have the right expectations and work diligently to ensure we fulfill our tenancy obligations.

If you have any questions please call the office on (08)8391 3688 and chat to Denise or Christine.

Following is some answers to some frequently aske questions: 

General Repairs

We insist that all repairs are lodged in writing. You can lodge written repair requests via email, sms or fill out a Maintenance Request Form here https://d2hqr1s9kfm9jo.cloudfront.net/production/images/pdfs/952.original.pdf?1500533078 and drop it into the office, fax or post it. If you would like to chat to us regarding any required maintenance, please contact us via telephone but you will still be required to lodge a written repair request. Once we send a work order to the required contractor they will contact you via phone. Please ensure you answer or return their call to arrange a time that is    suitable for you both or the repair will not be able to proceed. Should you arrange a time with a  tradesperson and not be home, you will be responsible for the tradesperson’s callout charge.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency items are generally those that could cause injury to the tenant or damage to the property, and may include:

  • Water pipes have broken or burst.
  • Blocked or broken toilet (if a second toilet is not available).
  • Serious roof leak or gas leak.
  • Dangerous electrical fault, dangerous power point, loose live wire etc;
  • Flooding, rainwater inundation inside the property, or serious flood damage.
  • Serious storm, fire or impact damage (i.e. impact by a motor vehicle).
  • Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises.
  • Failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance on the premises for water or cooking.
  • Hot water service failure on a weekend, or long weekend (this would not be considered an after hours emergency if this occurs on a week night).
  • Fault or damage that makes premises unsafe or insecure.
  • Fault likely to injure a person, cause damage or extreme inconvenience.

Afterhours emergency repairs. Should an emergency repair be required after hours please call us on:

Mount Barker 

P: 8391 3688 

M: 0438 313 626          

In the event that you cannot contact a staff member the following tradespersons are authorised to make a decision on our behalf in relation to emergencies:

Mount Barker Contractors            

Paul King – Plumber: 0407 777 257 

Tom Rochford - Electrical: 0421 638 804 

Connolly Electrical: 0414 678 577 

Darryn Briers- Handyman: 0478 589 894    

Tenant contents insurance! 

It is important to note that should your goods be damaged or destroyed by circumstances affecting the owner’s property (i.e. fire, storm damage, power outages etc) your goods and possessions are not insured by the owner.

Quality  tenant  contents  insurance  should  cover  your  goods. Please check with your insurer however for the cover they can provide to you. You need to ensure that all your goods are adequately insured as the owner/agent will not be liable for damaged or destroyed tenant possessions.

Paying Your Rent

Rental payments are to be made into our Trust Account. You may do this via Direct Debit, with your rent card, directly into the NAB or take your rent card to the Post Office. When you are making a payment, please ensure your tenant code is noted so the funds can be correctly allocated. Please ensure that your payments reach us on or before the due date.  

Understanding ‘Rent in Advance

As part of your lease you are required to pay your rent 2weeks in advance. The 2 week deposit you pay at the start of your tenancy will pay for the first 2 weeks of your rent from when you take up occupancy of the property. On the 14th day you will be required to pay for the next 2 weeks of rent and so on. Your 2 weeks rent pays for the forthcoming fortnight.   

Zero Tolerance Policy for Late Rentals

At Raine & Horne we pride ourselves in our careful tenant qualification and screening processes. Applications are approved ONLY on the grounds that we are confident that the rent will be paid on time and the property looked after. However, a minority of tenants still get behind in their rent, despite all of our tenant screening procedures.

As we do not know who this will be when we sign tenancy agreements, we need to advise each tenant of our Zero Tolerance policy for late rent payments.

Follow-up involves SMS, phone calls and emails. This causes some people to get upset, embarrassed and also resentful. However, we do not apologise for such action as we believe that rent must be paid on time…all the time! In many cases our clients who own the rental property have taken out a mortgage. This person has approved your application ONLY on the grounds your rent will be paid on time…every time!

Therefore if you believe you may be late with a payment- YOU MUST notify us at least 3 working days before that payment is due- so we can warn the landlord so that they can prepare to make other arrangements for that payment. We like to think we are approachable so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with payments of rent or water account.
The worst thing to do is to stay silent.

However, should we not be contacted, our policy is…

  • 3 Days Late- We will send you an SMS Text.
  • 5-7 Days Late behind in rent- phone call or personal visit
  • 7-12 Days Late- phone call or personal visit
  • 15-16 Days Late– Breach of Tenancy Notice is issued
  • EVICTION will follow if the problem is not remedied!

We encourage everyone to ensure their rent is paid on time. We want to guarantee that our business  relationship remains beneficial for both parties.

Vacating the Property

Notice in writing

If you are vacating the property, whether at the end of your lease or breaking your lease, we must have this in writing. You may notify us via email or fill out a tenant vacating notice. If you are thinking about vacating be aware that the earlier we know of your plans the smoother your move can be.

Ending Fixed Term Tenancies

If your agreement is a fixed term tenancy then the fixed term cannot be terminated by notice. If you intend to leave at the end of your fixed term then a minimum of 28 days notice, in writing, is required. In turn, if we will not be renewing your tenancy, we must give you 28 days notice.

Breaking Fixed Term Tenancies

If a fixed term is broken by the tenant then the tenant is responsible for paying rent until the property is re-let or to the end of the fixed term agreement - whichever eventuates first. The tenant is also required to pay a portion of  advertising and re letting charges, and other costs of breaking the lease. Please contact your Property Manager to determine an appropriate course of action.

Ending Periodic Tenancies

You must give not less than 21 days notice, in writing, of your intention to terminate the tenancy.

Returning your keys

Upon ending your tenancy please return to us all keys and remote controlled door openers for the property. You are required to return these items to our office by 9.00am the day after the tenancy is terminated. Failure to return these items on time, will result in you being charged rent until these items are returned and/or the cost of replacement locks, keys or remotes.

Open Inspections

Within the last 28 days of your tenancy we will be required to show prospective tenants through the property and would appreciate your co-operation. We will contact you to make a convenient appointment time and will give you at least 24 hours notice.

The Final Inspection

We will inspect the property on your departure checking against photographs and the Ingoing Inspection Sheet which was filled in (and hopefully returned) on your entry into the property, usually the day after.  If we find any problems, such as lack of cleaning or gardening maintenance, and if time permits, we may allow you to rectify these issues or we will organise the appropriate tradesman at the tenant’s      expense. We are under no obligation to give you a second chance to clean.

Getting Your Bond Back

All bonds are held by the Tenancies Branch of CBS and refunds are subject to the agreement of both landlord and tenant. Should you be liable to pay for metered water supplied to the property, we will arrange for a final water meter reading, on or about your last day of tenancy.

To facilitate a quick bond refund, the property should be left in a clean and tidy condition and all rent and water accounts should be paid. An inspection of the property will take place after you have vacated.

It is your responsibility to cancel your automatic payment authority at the end of your tenancy, as we are not authorised to do this for you. 

Getting the Property Ready for Vacating 

Naturally both tenants and the managing agents dislike the time and expense of arranging additional cleaning after the lease is finished. To assist we’ve provided the following checklist, it’s certainly recommended and in your best interest to ensure the following items are attended to prior to vacating and handing beck the keys. This will help avoid the need to call you back or to make deductions from your bond.

Inside the Property

  • Curtains, venetians and blinds to be cleaned, washed or dry-cleaned according to fabric and as required.
  • Insect screens to be removed carefully and hosed or brushed.
  • Windows, window sills and tracks to be vacuumed and cleaned.
  • Door, doorframes and tracks to be left clean and undamaged.
  • Marks to be removed from ceiling cornices and walls.
  • All light fittings to be cleaned and free from insects.
  • All floors and skirting boards to be washed.
  • All ceiling fans throughout to be free from dust.
  • Clean all mirrors throughout including wardrobe door mirrors.
  • All exhaust fans throughout the property to be cleaned.
  • Air vents to be dusted.
  • All vertical blind strings to be attached and secure.
  • All items and inventory to be accounted for.
  • Air Conditioners and filters to be cleaned.
  • Fly screen wire to be replaced if damaged.
  • The oven and griller cleaned. Drip trays to be cleaned of all grease.
  • Oven racks to be cleaned.
  • Range hood cleaned including the filters.
  • All cupboards cleaned inside and out (don’t forget the tops of the cupboard).
  • Sink taps cleaned and polished.
  • Walls and tiled areas to be free from grease.
  • All benches and floors to be cleaned and free from grease.
  • The dishwasher left clean, wipe over internal door. Remove debris from bottom drainer
  • Shower recess to be scrubbed.
  • Grouting to be free of all soap residue and mould.
  • Shower curtain to be washed and shower screen to be cleaned and smear free.
  • All plugholes are to be clean and free from debris.
  • Toilets to be cleaned thoroughly, including bowl, lid, seat, cistern and behind the toilet.
  • Clean floor drain hole.
  • Clean under laundry tub.

Outside the Property

  • Lawns to be mowed and edges trimmed within 2 to 3 days of vacating (please don’t dump grass clipping or tree off cuts in garden beds or behind sheds).
  • Flower beds and pebble areas to be weeded.
  • No rubbish to be left in the gardens or around the property.
  • All garbage bins to be emptied.
  • Driveway, carports, garages and any concrete areas to be free from oil and grease stains.
  • Garage floor area to be swept and cobwebs removed.
  • Cobwebs to be removed from outside eaves, awnings and ceiling.

If you have a Pet

If pets have been kept on the premises then you must have the property professionally pest controlled for fleas inside and out and produce a receipt to our office. Don’t forget to remove the droppings from the lawn and garden beds.


Carpets must be professionally cleaned and receipt produced to our office with the return of the keys.

Don’t Forget…

Contact your power supplier for final reading of electricity supply.

Disconnect the telephone.

Disconnect any pay TV and broadband connections.

Redirect your mail- forms at Australia Post.

Return your Rent Cards with your keys.

Rent MUST be paid up to and including the day all keys are returned to the office.