Buying Land

Although buying a block of land is not as complicated as the purchase of a house, it needs to be approached with a great deal of thought. Proper planning might save unnecessary expense and heartbreak.

Where you buy the land will determine the type and cost of the house you will eventually build.

It is essential to get a soil report when signing a contract. Some types of soil necessitate expensive footings. And a sloping block could mean problems with rain water from neighbouring properties. There’s also the need for retaining wall or built up footings.

Ensure that water, electricity and telephone are available. Check the zoning with the local council to make certain the block is zoned for housing. At the same time, establish what the council regulations are for the design of house you are planning to build.

A search of the title is a must. This will tell you if there are any rights-of-way, easements or covenants.

AS for the size and the shape of the block, it is really up to the individual’s taste and bank balance. Homes can easily be designed for most blocks weather they are narrow, wide, small, large, level or sloping.

If you are planning to build in the near future, check the location of shops, schools and churches. Take into account the local council zoning and noise levels.