Display Homes

With display homes, what you see it NOT always what you get. Prices quoted normally don’t include floor and wall coverings, curtains, built in furniture or light fittings. The new owner is responsible for landscaping. Garages and carports are often optional extras.

Prices quoted at display centres are based on the house being built on a level site with stable soil conditions and using ‘standard’ footings. If, as is often the case, your block is not level or your soil is poor, the extra costs involved could be considerable.

Make sure you are fully aware of what is included in the price quoted by the builder or salesman. If you are considering a house and land package be especially careful!

An accurate breakdown of the individual house and land prices might show the package deal is not so attractive after all. It might be wiser to buy the land first and then get quotes for building the house of your choice.