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Selecting Your Real Estate Agent

As the saying goes, nothing beats old fashioned good value.

When it comes to choosing an agent to entrust with the sale of your most precious asset, you will no doubt be confronted with agents offering a range of fee structures. Inevitably, some will be cheaper than others.

It’s natural to be tempted by the cheaper offer. But stop a minute and think! When shopping for a quality item of clothing do you automatically head to a bargain store, or are you more likely to head for a more familiar name like Target, David Jones etc.

The same principle applies in real estate. If you pay a little bit extra, you will get that extra degree of service which could be the difference between a quick successful sale and a For Sale sign that sits on your front lawn for so long it begins to feel like a part of the family.

Remember, your agents’ fee should cover more than just a lifeless sign. You are patying for the agent who is experienced, trusted and has a high profile. This is the type of agent who will be sensitive to your needs throughout the marketing campaign, and possesses the ability to gain maximum exposure to your property.

The bottom line is; don’t cut corners and go for the cheapest things in life. Instead, think ahead to the benefits. That’s when you will really find you are getting good value!

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