What Price Should I ask?

When considering the price you will ask for your home there is a lot to take into consideration. Firstly you need to speak to your friendly Raine & Horne sales consultant who will discuss with you the sale price of homes in your area by comparing similar sales. This will give you an indication to what your home is worth on today’s market. The amount that you put on the property ‘above’ this price could lengthen the time that it will take for your property to sell.

If you imagine that all buyers are contained in a pyramid, the biggest concentration of buyers are grouped at the bottom of the pyramid for the lower priced properties and as you move up in price, the buyers thin out. The two most frequently asked questions when showing prospective buyers through a home are, “How much will they take?” and “how long has it been on the market?”. The first question is a great opportunity for an agent to invite an offer, but the second question is always a feared one. When people ask how long a property has been on the market, it is usually because the longer it has been on the market, the less they think they have to pay.

The best time for a property to sell is within the first 60 days, so the price you place on the property in the first 60 days can determine how long it will stay on the market.

So always take the valuable advice of your agent! Contact us today for a free market appraisal to find out what your property is worth! 08 8532 3833.