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Purchasing Power of Pets - Lorinda Mansfield, Sales Executive

Pets are hard to house and with the affordability factor steering many buyers towards strata living, choices can be limited for modern urban families when searching for a pet-friendly dwelling.

Even with recent changes to Strata laws regarding pets, many Owners Corporations remain restrictive. In one instance when seeking pet approval for downsizers, we were asked to weigh an old sleepy dog.

However, with the unfortunate fallout from a long pampered life resulting in the tipping of the scales a little too far, the dog (and the sale at a premium price) was rejected.

Loyalty to pets is a huge factor behind buying decisions. For young couples, fur-babies seem to be the forerunner to kids, so properties that can accommodate both, sell for a premium.

If you are selling a pet friendly property, let it be known by featuring your pampered one in the marketing photos, or make it the headline. You will then attract the best of urgent pet-owner buyers.


When purchasing, have vet references, photos and details about your pets demeanour ready for submission to the Strata Committee for pet approval prior to the exchange of contracts.

There we have it. When buying a home, who are the real decision makers? Pets! And the grant of approval with the wag of a tail, is enough to seal the deal!

Lorinda Manfield - Sales Executive

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