Giselle Taffa

Senior Property Manager

Neutral Bay

Giselle loves her role as Senior Property Manager and in particular likes "not been tied down to a chair all day, looking at different types of properties, meeting and helping people from all walks, whether that’s overseeing their portfolio or managing repairs."

The qualities that set Giselle apart from other Property Managers is that she does not settle and is constantly thinking outside of the box and she is always asking how we can improve. Giselle recently had a plumbing callout where the onsite tradespeople offered to update other details the owner hadn’t noticed. Instead of a patch job, they got a refurbishment that will save a bathroom renovation from having to be done and that’s what Giselle believes a great Property Managers should offer.

The current climate might be slowing general processes, but Property Management always keeps moving. If you’re not ready to move quickly too, it will leave you behind. With more people at home, more repairs will keep coming in. It’s more difficult and people are having their tolerance tested, but the dedication to follow everything up is a huge part of what Giselle does.

Giselle believes "there is nothing we can’t make work unless we’re managing unreasonable people on both sides. Even then, it’s about follow-up and communication, and you can break through it one by one. There will be another challenge tomorrow. We have to adapt."