Newtown, 2042

You can’t make a suburb bohemian, it’s either cool or it isn’t. London has Hackney, Williamsburg in New York, for San Francisco it’s Haight-Ashbury, and in Sydney it can only be Newtown. The kind of place where the answer to every question is yes.

The neighbourhood has a long and storied past. You only need to go on an organised walking tour of St Stephen’s Cemetery in the off-leash dog park, Camperdown Memorial to hear the oral history.

Newtown Festival, King Street Crawl, and the nightlife make the area vibrant and compelling. Newtown locals are a co-op of small business owners wanting the best for the suburb, and they just so happen to run all the best spots including the infamous Black Star Pastry, 212 Blu, Mary’s Burgers, Earle’s Juke Joint and Rising Sun Workshop. There is a cornucopia of entertainment and dining locales and its the only place where a McDonald’s has failed!

Nearby schools include Newtown Performing Arts High School, Erskineville Public and Newington College. Childcare options include Active Kids Newtown, SDN Linthorpe Street Children's Education and Care Centre, SDN Linthorpe Street Children's Education and Care Centre.

Public transport options are plentiful with Newtown train station, Macdonaldtown and Erskineville all nearby and city bound buses constantly running on the main street of King Street