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Gerard Hill



99 King Street
Newtown, NSW 2042

Office Phone 0414 327 888
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About Gerard Hill


A consistent high performer, Principal and Director, Gerard Hill has a clear vision for Raine and Horne Newtown – to be the Number 1 agency and to be a constant innovator in the way things are done.

Highly awarded throughout his career, he brings a wealth of experience, exceptional mentoring skills and strong leadership to his role.

Gerard has regularly set new benchmarks, from realising his vision for Raine and Horne Newtown to being recognised as a Thought Leader by the franchise and winning the prestigious Graeme Skarrett Award. Gerard has been unwavering in his pursuit of success, buying the business back in 1999 as a humble office of six, then growing it into an elite team of twenty-five outstanding people with an impressive 1500 properties under management and a host of record sales. 

Gerard understands a winning culture and the hard work necessary to be at the top of his game. His love of property and talent for striking a deal have given him a set of skills ideally suited to real estate, with an integrity, work ethic and dedication that can only be admired. He has created a team that feels more like a family and as such inspires a loyalty and commitment that is hard to find.

Through his many years as Director and Principal of Raine and Horne Newtown, Gerard has developed an understanding and insight into the area that only comes with many years working with the locals. He has a genuine passion and interest in enhancing the lives of the community and believes he can do this through creating a team and a culture that provides a real estate experience that is without peer.


  • Best part of your job? Helping people attain their goals whatever they may be.
  • What drives you? Making the right decisions. As a business leader and mentor, I need to make decisions that ensure staff, family and clients enjoy success. If I do this, then I am in turn successful.
  • Favourite place in Newtown? The office – helping my team reach their goals. Outside, King Street holds the magic.
  • What is on your bucket list? Golfing on the best courses in the world.
  • What is your perfect day? 6.30am gym session, breakfast at 8am, golf at 10am, dinner with family (nice bottle of wine), TV and bed.
  • What do people not know about you? I once appeared on stage with Cirque de Soleil, OK so I was called up on stage to assist with an act, but I gave it my all and other patrons did ask me if I was part of the act.
  • What is your five-year plan? Continue to grow and develop the team to maintain its No.1 spot in the industry and create new benchmarks, get to my ideal weight of 90 kilos and lower my handicap.
  • What is your favourite thing? The movie The Castle, it’s the ultimate epic about standing up for your rights and helping those when you can.

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