Testimonial - Duncan Gordon

"One word sums up Duncan Gordon in my opinion — professionalism.

He was knowledgeable about property values in the area. Our house had its particular issues and Duncan was honest enough to give us a very open valuation.

He advised us on ways we could add value to the property but accept with grace our decision to not follow all of his recommendations. He had the support of the agency’s tradesmen who went out of their way to give us quick, efficient service at a very reasonable price. He called after every open house to discuss the level of interest in the property. I liked the fact that he provided honest feedback, remaining positive but not exaggerating our sale prospects. The auction was very stressful for me but Duncan was very understanding and patient. I think Duncan did a great job and we were very happy with the price we achieved.

Although Duncan must have been extremely busy, he never rushed us. He was always available, friendly, helpful, patient and good humoured. Thank you, Duncan for a job well done."

- Elizabeth Counihan, 49 Union Street, Newtown