The Auction Advantage

How selling by auction will benefit you

  • Auctions are often referred to as the '3 chance selling process' (where offers are solicited prior to auction, the day itself and post-auction). No other sale method encompasses all 3 processes i.e. tender, auction & private treaty in the one strategy
  • Auctions are a fantastic way to put the 'spotlight' on your property
  • They create a competitive buying environment to help achieve the highest price possible in the shortest time frame
  • Selling under auction conditions gives you an opportunity to receive a cash, unconditional offer
  • Professional presentation of your property within a corporate environment setting
  • Promotion without a price - ensuring that we focus on selling the benefits and features of the property first. National promotion of your property cannot be underestimated
  • Regular, consistent communication and feedback throughout the marketing and selling process is guaranteed