Renting Checklist

Things to consider before choosing a rental property


A rental checklist is a list of items to check in the house/unit/flat that you are considering renting. Sometimes when you look at places you may forget to check things. The rental checklist will help you jog your memory.

Check these features: Yes/No/Not important

  • Is the rent within your budget?                  
  • Is the house in good condition?             
  • Turn on the taps - is the water pressure strong or weak?                
  • Will you need a laundry?   
  • Does the bathroom or toilet leak?             
  • Does the stove/hot water service work?                  
  • Is there a TV aerial and connection to it?                
  • Any repairs required?               
  • Are there signs of rats or other pests?          
  • Is the house near public transport, a school or under a flight path?            
  • Do you need a parking space?         
  • Is there a garden or lawn? Are you responsible for garden maintenance?         
  • Do any of the walls need painting? Check if the landlord will arrange this or give you a reduction in rent to organise the painting yourselves.        
  • Is there a telephone and connection available?                  
  • Is there shopping and other necessary facilities nearby?                  
  • Is the house secure?