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Why manage your own investment property?

Are you managing your own rental investment property? Stressed about complying with the latest tenancy legislation? We can help lighten the load.

Our professional property management team is up-to-date on the legislative requirements for property owners and will ensure you and your property are fully compliant with the law.

With Open Homes off the agenda for the time being, we’ll be conducting all property inspections via private appointment, which is something we’ve done for some time. The real estate industry is returning to what it should always have been – a SERVICE industry. We’re excited to continue offering the outstanding level of personalised service, professionalism and accountability we’ve become known for.

Our property management team takes a proactive approach with our clients, including following up and following through on every query, question and request. If we say we will get back to a client, we make sure it’s done in a timely and efficient manner every time. This is the level of service you can expect from our team.

Ditch the stress of non-compliance and all the other worries of being a landlord. Talk to our professional property management team about how we can take care of your property and give you free time and peace of mind.  

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