Notice to Vacate

Please download our PDF Notice of Termination Form below & fax or email it to our office:

Email - [email protected]

Should you wish to vacate the premises at the end of the fixed term of your Tenancy Agreement or later, you will need to complete a Notice of Termination Form, downloadable in PDF version below.

The notice period required to end a fixed term agreement is 14 days. The notice can be given any time up until the end of the fixed term but can not take effect until the term ends.

If your lease has expired and you are in a periodic agreement, the notice period required is 21 days written notice.


Once you have completed the form, please return it to our office by one of the following methods:

   - Drop it into our office, located at 206 Lords Place, Orange

   - Email the completed form to [email protected] 


Should you require any further information on the vacating process, please contact our office on 02 6362 1366.