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10 Advantages of Buying a Home in a Rural Area

Different people have different wants and needs when it comes to choosing where you want to live. For some, urban living is a necessity, others prefer to live in the country. If you are up in the air about where you want to live, then check out the list below of ten advantages of buying a home in a rural area.

  1. Privacy. Not having neighbors living on top of you or right next to you is a great advantage for those who need a little privacy. You can walk around nude or sunbathe in your yard, without worrying about who is going to see you.
  2. Less Pollution. Rural areas have less air pollution, because there is not as much congestion from cars, and you don’t have the manufacturing facilities found in urban areas.
  3. Less Crime. Rural areas do not have as much crime as a higher populated urban area. This also makes insuring your property cheaper due to a lower crime rate.
  4. Enjoy Nature. If you are a nature buff, then purchasing a home in a rural area makes more sense, as you can go out for a nature walk without having to drive to a park.
  5. Pet Friendly. If you have pets, then purchasing a home in a rural area makes for more friendly living for them. They have more room to roam, and you can let your dogs outside without having to keep them on a leash. If you do want to walk or run your dog, then you don’t have the traffic to compete with.
  6. Cost. When searching for a home in a rural area you can often get a larger home and yard for less, since you are not usually competing with a lot of people for a small area. Taxes & insurance tend to be cheaper in rural areas as well.
  7. Garden & Landscape Possibilities. When living in an urban area you can be limited to a small yard, if any, in which to garden or landscape. Some homeowners associations can also dictate how your yard must be maintained. When living in a rural area, you have more freedom, not only with the size of your gardens, but also with how you want your yard landscaped.
  8. Peaceful. Rural areas have less traffic and noise pollution than urban areas, so you can live more peacefully. There is generally more distance between your home and neighbors in rural areas too.
  9. Water Options. If you are searching for a waterfront property you are very limited in urban areas. However, in rural areas you generally have more options to look at; lake and riverfront property, as well as creeks and ponds.
  10. Building codes. Many urban areas have more restrictions in place as far as what is allowed for building or remodeling your home than you find within rural areas. The fees for permits are also generally higher in urban areas than in rural areas.

There are advantages and disadvantages to living in either a rural or urban area. I hope this list helped you to see some of the advantages of living in a rural area, but only you can figure out which area will best suit you and your family’s needs.
Story by Doorfly.