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10 Tools for Under $10 Every DIY’er Should Own


If you prefer doing your own home improvements, or simply enjoy the satisfaction derived from completing a house project, then chances are you’ve got a fair amount of money already invested in tools. A few power tools (jigsaw, Skilsaw®, drill, etc.), a ratchet/socket kit, and conventional hand tools can be found in most any do-it-yourselfer’s tool inventory. Aside from the usual complement of tools, there are some versatile and inexpensive additions that you’re going to want to include in your arsenal.

Here’s a list of ten tools for under ten dollars that you need to have in your toolbox:

  1. Pocket Laser Level – An indispensable tool. Whether you’re hanging pictures or cabinets, or need a level line for trim work or setting a grade for landscaping, this tool is like having an apprentice along side with a plumb line. From one location, you can find and mark a level line across a wall, even around the entire room.
  2. Voltage Detector – For electrical work, a voltage detector gives you the ability to check for live circuits or stray voltage in your home’s wiring and outlets. All you need to do is hold the probe within proximity of your house wiring and it will signal with an LED lamp and a beep if the line is hot.
  3. Battery Charger – For all your other tools that are battery-powered, replacing those batteries can not only get expensive, but is almost always necessary at the worst times. You can get yourself a charging unit for rechargeable batteries of any size for cheap.
  4. Headlight – Put the light where you need it, hands-free. You can find units that are worn like glasses, with a headband, or that clip to the visor of a ball cap. These are especially useful when working in tight spaces where placing a work light just isn’t practical.
  5. Screw Extractor Kit – It happens to the best of us. A bolt or screw head gets stripped, or it’s over-torqued and the head breaks off completely. Now what do you do? Well, you reach for your handy screw extractor kit, of course! You’ve got one, right? Right!?
  6. Torque Wrench – You can avoid the above scenario completely if you purchase one of these, available for under ten bucks. Set the torque to spec, and relax.
  7. Stud Finder – Used to find wood or metal studs, with some pricier models that also sense voltage in order to avoid electrical wiring. Saves a lot of time – and holes in your walls.
  8. Telescoping Magnetic Pick-up Tool – Finding a stud in the wall is one thing; finding a lock washer under the intake manifold of a 2001 Taurus is a whole ‘nother ball game. You want one of these babies handy, trust me.
  9. Stubby Ratchet and Socket Set – Sooner or later, you’re bound to find yourself in a tight spot, literally, where using a standard size ratchet wrench just isn’t an option. That’s when one of these kits becomes your best friend.
  10. 7-in-1 Multi-Purpose Painter’s Tool – Let us count the ways that this tool is handy: 1) scraper, 2) putty remover, 3) paint roller cleaner, 4) spreader, 5) gouger, 6) nail setter and 7)nail puller. And if that’s not enough, it’ll even open your beer bottle when your project is finished.

All these toos can be found at bunnings