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4-mile beach, Port Douglas

Port Douglas Sun Rise


As everybody knows, Port Douglas is one of most famous tourist attractions in Australia. It is an ideal place to visit another popular tourism in Australia Great Barrier Reef. Beside Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas has so many interest of places to visit, one of them is Four Mile Beach. It is 6.5 kilometers long sandy beach which lined by lots of palm trees. The beach is very beautiful and the water is so clean. The Four Mile Beach is very easy to access, it is only five minutes form Port Douglas district and become a main beach in this area. The unique of this beach, you can found villas and houses in inside palm trees area.


4- Mile Beach, Port Douglas


4-mile beach


Another beautiful day in Port Douglas


Swimming is allowed at this beach. The other unique of this beach, there is a rocky point in the northern end of the beach. At Four Mile Beach, you can see beautiful long view. In conclusion, for you who want to vacation in Australia especially in Port Douglas, do not missed to enjoy the beautiful beach of Four Mile Beach.

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